.*Stampiety Stamps!*.

Stamps are little petz memorabilia created by members of the PC to share with others.
This new tradition of making and collecting stamps was first created by Lu @ Beatnik!
These are the stamps that i've collected personally, through find-its, contests,
or just plain exploring different places. Some were even made just for me. <3

When putting this together, i pulled inspiration from Bunni's and Amanda's collections. <3
Please don't take stamps from this collection,
as it ruins the fun and integrity of stamp hunting. :)
(linking to owners/places found is a WIP!)
If you are the creator of a stamp, and want yours removed, please let know!
~ Total Stamps Collected: 1,128 (as of Apr. 1, 2022) ~
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If you want to see the stamps I've made, check out my stamp archive here!
~ Exclusives ~
These stamps were given to me as gifts or for special events i participated in. Some even feature my own petz.  ^_^
Thank you for these! <3
~ Special Events ~
Things that take place outside of the forums like: advents, egg hunts, etc. ;)
~ Petzmas 2020 ~
Created by Buck @ Medusa & hosted at her site!
~ Forum Events ~
These stamps are from events that took place on the forums or other community gathering spots.
~ Whiskerwick ~
~ Duke's Group ~
Go Team Snowflake!
~ Petzcord ~
~ P.U.G.S. ~
~ PF. Cinema ~
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