.My Stamp Archive.

Here are the stamps i've made for various occasions, events
or other petz community members.
Please take note of the sections, as not everything here is free to collect.
Most of my stamps will be available for free, but there are some
that are exclusive to others or from time-limited events.
Please do not collect the stamp unless it says "free".
Thank you!
All of my stamps & frames were made using Lu's template.
There are other great templates in various colors and sizes
that can be found at Acid Trip!
If you're looking to start your own collection,
check out the "official" stamp collecting thread at WW.
There are several glorious stamps scattered throughout the pages, and even more templates can be found there as well. :)
~ Freebie Stamps! ~
any stamp in this section is
free to collect!

~ Blank Frames ~
here are some frames that i've made and would like to share.

feel free to use them to make your own stamps!
{credit is not necessary if used}
These are in .png format and have a transparent background and middle section.
<< 100% forgot to add this to my first ever show's results. xD
~ Exclusives ~
stamps in this section are
not free to collect!

~ None have been made! {yet} :3 ~