Petz Clothes made by me!

~ Please do not put these up for download on your own site
~ Do not claim them as yours or look in the coding
~ If you experience any problems with these files, please let me know and I will fix them!

~ Twinkle Tush!  ~ for P4 ONLY (for now)
Yes, I was surprised to find out this was real thing...
Check out the real product here!
Well, now your catz can glam up their tushies too!

There are 13 different gems and each one comes in 3 different chains:
Gold, Silver, and Titanium!

They all show up separately in the closet and have their own shelf graphics (as shown above).

These all use external textures, that are included in the download and must be put in the "Resource/Clothes" folder in order for the colors to work!
To Download:
Click on the picture of the Gem & Chain you want.
These are zip files and include the needed texture.

OR Collect them all!

*All of the above uses textures made by Moonflower, and are hosted at Mashed Potatoz!*


*These two use textures made by Lily at WAA!*


*These use textures made by me!*
Purple Gem changes color a little bit by taking it on and off your cat.